So You Think You Know Amanda?

My name is Amanda Healy, most people just end up calling me Healy. I'm a freshman. Bottom of the pool, once again. I'm an environmental engineer. I chose this because I'm really good at math but I'm also secretly a tree-hugger hippie at heart. Also, being an environmental scientist doesn't pay as well as being an engineer.

Fall break is definitely my favorite break off from school. I get the time off, but I'm not forced to drive 10 hours to Pennsylvania and the cold for the week. I also get to carve pumpkins, which is pretty cool. Not to mention that my friends are still in school so I get to see them, too. Oh, and I also get to drink pumpkin spice lattes. White girl status.

I Waste So Much Time TUMBLR 4 LYFE
  1. Buy make your own pizza kit
  2. Follow instructions on box
  3. Burn pizza
  4. Cry
  5. Call Mom
Class Grade
MA 242 95
ENG 101 89
CH 101 86
cute pumpkins