Welcome To My Crib, Homie!

Hello there! My name is Andy Jiang and I am a freshman here at NC State. I am in the Class of 2019. I chose my major to be civil engineering because I have always enjoyed building things such as skyscrapers, and what better way to pursue that passion than major in civil engineering? The amount of happiness one feels after seeing a completed project that they have worked on is insurmountable. How cool would it be to drive on a bridge you know you worked on? That would give me an amazing feeling. I want to travel to different states and maybe countries to work on different structural engineering projects. I think that would be such a fun job.

My favorite hobby is eating. This might sound a bit cliche, but eating seriously gives you a certain satisfaction nothing else does. My favorite food to eat is a Vietnamese noodle dish called pho. If you have not tried pho before, I highly recommend you to. Too bad there are not that many good Vietnamese restaurants out here in Raleigh, at least not the ones I have been to. An item on my bucket list is to travel around the world. By doing that, I can try out all the different cuisines the countries have to offer. That is a once in a lifetime experience that not many people get to experience. I hope to travel to different countries in hope of trying out all the different kinds of food out there.

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Pineapple Pizza From Big Apple Pizzeria, New Bern, NC

  1. Call the number 252-636-3803
  2. Order a large pineapple pizza for delivery
  3. Make sure to ask them for the price of the pizza so you will have the money ready when they deliver the pizza
  4. Make sure to calculate the tip, because delivery people do not make much, so remember a generous tip is always good
  5. Order a soda too to make the meal more satisfying
  6. (Optional) Request a signature knock on the door, so you know when someone is knocking it's the pizza delivery person and not a robber
  7. Be as nice a possible to the delivery person - remember they do not get paid much
  8. Enjoy your delicious pineapple pizza with Coke on the the side
Class Expected Grade
EC 205 95
E101 95
E115 700
CH 101 96
MA 141 93

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