Andrew's NCSU webpage

My name is Andrew Marron. I am a freshman at NC State University. My intended major is mechanical engineering. I was planning on taing either mechanical engineering or biomedical engineering, but I heard from one of the teachers that biomedical is best taken as a grad student rather than an undergrad. I am undecided on what I am going to list for a second choice for major.

I have had many interesting summer breaks, so it is hard to decide which was the most interesting. (I have been on many trips because my dad is a statistician who is invited to various statistical conferences.) My most recent summer break was a trip to Austrailia with my family for several weeks. We visited several cities such as Sydney, but spent most of our time in an apartment in Melbourn. One of my favorite things I saw on the trip was the Sydney Opera House, which had amazing plated ceilings and a very impressive interior.
Opera House Interior

Interesting Websites:

Dinosaur Fluff (Not Exactly Rocket Science)
Creepy Animals

Bacon and Tomato Sammich:

  1. Make bacon
  2. Toast bread
  3. Add mayonnaise to bread
  4. Add cheese to mayonaise
  5. Add bacon
  6. Add tomatoes
  7. Profit?

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
E101 87.4
EC205 85.5
CH101 80.1
CH101 Lab 94.2
ENG101 86.4
MA242 83.2