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Hey there! My name is Andrew Martin, and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. My major, Lord Willing, will be Mechanical Engineering. Why? Good question. I am gifted by God with intellect, and through a series of classes/projects I figured out that I love to use my hands just as much as my head. I like math and science, but only one by itself didn't intrigue me that much. I decided on Mechanical Engineering in the end because of its physics AND hands-on material.

Last summer, I enjoyed my break, but also learned a lot outside of school. I held a job for most of the summer as an "apprentice"/grunt with a remodeling/construction company. I learned a ton about basic home maintenance, had some fun, but mostly enjoyed learning about working with a team and a boss. Also, as I was prepping to come to State I went to a conference in Pennsylvania for a week. I made tons of friends there, and enjoyed volleyball, food, and good teaching. Without both of those bid events during my summer break, I probably would not have had such an easy transition to college.

IT'S MARCH!!! Even though football is my favorite sport, NCAA basketball comes in a close second, especially during March. My family has a running tradition of doing brackets, and I just love watching great basketball. I've enjoyed the ACC's success over the years (Especially UNC), and look forward this year to some big upsets by UNC and State over their #1 seeds. I haven't a clue why some people would not like this time of year. I mean, come on! it's the craziest time of year when all the best in the 68 top college basketball teams comes out on display. nothing beats watching a historic buzzer beater live, or seeing your bracket line up, knowing you've crushed your brothers again!

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How to make a sandwich to make even Tommy Lee Jones smile

  1. White Bread
  2. Turkey (+ bacon for extra deliciousity)
  3. Spices (your choice of which kinds)
  4. Salt + Pepper
  5. Lettuce (best if shredded, just sayin')
  6. Olive Oil and Vinaigrette
  7. Eat, not Instagram
Class Expected Letter Grade
E115 S
CSC 112 A+
MA 241 A
PY 205 A
PE 245 A-

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