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As you know by now, my name is Alwin Mathew, and I am a second year Mechanical
Engineering student. I currently attend North Carolina State University, and
I hope to graduate by May of 2019.


There is no big reason as to why I picked engineering as my major. My enjoyment
of mathematics and physics sort of combined with cultural expectations. This pushed
me in the direction that I am headed in now. Between you and I though, I have no
idea as to what I want to do with my degree.

List of pertinent skills

Table of Pending Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 201 Engineering Thermodynamics I Spring 2017
MAE 208 Engineering Dynamics Spring 2017
MAE 214 Solid Mechanics Spring 2017
MAE 305 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I Spring 2017
MAE 200 Mechanical Engineering Design Spring 2017