Engineering is Hard

My major will hopefully be Biomedical Engineering, but I still have to CODA. I have wanted to be in this field since I was young, as I have always had an interest in prosthetics. I hope to work with veterans as a career, either with helping design arms and legs, or working on improvements for medical devices.

As well as being interested in engineering, I am a big theatre nerd. I'm actually the production manager to a theatre company entitled The Class Act Players. This summer, we are participating in the Capital Fringe Festival, which takes place in Washington, DC. I have been acting since I was little, and just recently I became interested in sound design. My senior year of high school, I won a Cappie (a high school Tony) for Sound Design for the show Neverwhere.

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How to Make My Pizza

  1. cry because you can't eat gluten
  2. get gluten free dough which is gross
  3. put on a lot of sauce and cheese to distract from the gross dough
  4. add a whole lot of pepperoni, sausage, and more cheese
  5. put in the oven, take one bite, then realize it still tastes bad
  6. eat cereal instead

Class Predicted Grade
Piano 2 A
Calculus 2 A-
Organic Chemistry C+
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