Hello! Welcome to another student made website made exclusively for my E115 course which will contain multiple pieces of entirely expected and relatively boring information regarding hobbies, majors, and sandwiches.

The first paragraph of this assignment in which I am obligated to explain the most common question asked of any college student: What major are you studying and why?

Well I'm glad you asked anonymous assignment writer! First I'll start with my name, which is Alex and I am a freshman as is evidenced by the fact that I am taking E115. My INTENDED major because the university does not allow freshman to truly declare until after a successful CODA (for entirely understandable reasons) is Materials Science and Engineering. The next question I am consistently asked is WHAT IS Materials Science???? Materials Science has to do with the production and research of materials which are used to then manufacture entire products. Materials Scientists make the stuff that makes stuff. So now the most pressing and interesting question why do I want to major in materials science when I currently have a C- in Chemistry 101? Because I think it's cool, it's the behind the scenes of engineering and science, which is the behind the scenes of civilization itself. Advancements in materials make everyone's job easier, buildings get cheaper, tools get stronger, cars get faster. Also because SCIENCE as explained by a series of animated gifs.
Water being cut by a hydrophobic knife. A KNIFE

Water being cut by a hydrophobic knife. A KNIFE.

The dopest fire in existence

Ammonium dichromate being lit on fire with an extra flammable surprise inside.

This amazing science GIF failed to load. I'm not even going to tell you what it is

A neodymium magnet vs a CRT television.

What is your favorite hobby?

I am currently torn between my two favorite hobbies: weightlifting (because picking up heavy things is fun) and coxing (the act of being a coxswain) for the university's club rowing team. I'm going to explain the latter first because I can count on 1 hand how many people to whom I've told that have known what I'm talking about. A coxswain is the 9th guy in an 8 man boat who sits in the back with a microphone and yells at the rowers to keep them motivated and in good form while also steering. I enjoy being able to motivate people who have no choice but to listen to what I say or risk potentially damaging an absurdly expensive boat. Weightlifting is great because things are heavy and weightlifting makes them feel less heavy. In addition it is a fantastic confidence builder.


a rather profane animated graphical interchange format

The image above is a link to a page which tracks a large number of global statistics using formulas. I cannot confirm its accuracy, however it is interesting.

A subreddit devoted to poor decision making (Mostly SFW)


  1. Attain rye/pumpernickel swirl bread
  2. Attain an inconveniently large volume of pastrami
  3. Chill the pastrami becuase this list needs 4 items
  4. Place the pastrami on the bread and enjoy the explosion of flavor created solely by bread and meat
Class Intended Grade
CH 101 B- (Hopefully)
MA 241 A
EC 205 A+


a picture of what coxing looks like

I would be the guy with the poncho/garbage bag. However I am usually better prepared and bring a jacket so a boat which costs multiple thousands of dollars isn't being held back by a 99 cent poncho acting as a speed parachute.

The most famous of weightlifters curling more than I will ever be able to move with my entire body

The most famous of weightlifters curling more than I will ever be able to move with my entire body.

I know the assignment said nothing extra, but I couldn't resist adding just a tad extra with some pictures that fit into the question responses. I hope you enjoyed grading this. Also take a break why don't you! This website is probably neither the first or last that you'll see.

a final animated gif