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Here, you will find my required work.

My name is Alexandra Moyer. I am a first year student at NCSU. Although I applied to NC State as a Human Biology major, I decided I wanted to do Chemical or Biomedical engineering soon after. But, even more recently, I decided that I was going to to Biochemistry so that I would be able to work with and help patients who look to me for guidance in diseases and health related issues. This field of work is very interesting to me because I want to help those involved in the Human Trafficking industry and are furthering the spread of HIV/aids. It's my dream to help the people with this disease in LDCs.

My favorite hobby is probably soccer. I really enjoy being able to run with a purpose, but also get to be agressive. Although I am very small, I put up a physical fight to my opponent. Also, it's the world's sport, so it's fun to play in other countries, even if they're better than me. Soccer is fun.

Here is a link to my favorite website:
A link to my favorite website.
Here is a link to my resume:
I really like pizza, here's how to order my favorite kind:
  1. Collect money from job, parents, or friends.
  2. Drive to Radius in Hillsborough, NC.
  3. Sit down.
  4. Ask for water and three cheese pizza.
  5. Eat the pizza.
  6. Get dessert.
  7. Pay.
My classes this semester are a lot, here they are though:
Class Grade I'll make
MA241 A
ENG101 A+
PY205 B
CH201 A-
Here is an image of my favorite soccer player, Megan Rapinoe.
Megan Rapinoe