Welcome to my Page!

A Picture of Adam

Hello! My name is Adam Jones and I am a first year student with an intent in chemical engineering. I choose this major because I love organic chemistry and wish to explore the world on a molecular level professionally. I also have a passion for philosophy and psychology which is why I also plan to minor in anthropology in order to better connect my passions. I also love cute dogs. :-)

Even though I am not working as of this moment, a job that I had a lot of fun with before was my job as a summer counselor for a camp back in my hometown of Hendersonville. This position allowed me to be outside all day while also being a mentor for many different kids. This will always be one of my favorite jobs I've had in my life because of all the great stories that came from working here.

My Favorite Classes

  • Political Discourse
  • English 101
  • Calc I
  • Chem I
  • A Table of Clubs I Like

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