Welcome to my personal page!

Hello! My name is Alex Phan and I am currently a junior at NC State University studying Computer Engineering. I chose computer engineering because I have always had an interest in computers ever since I was little. I chose computer engineering over computer science because I have an interest in the hardware side of computers.

I currently work for Harris Teeter as a personal shopper. Customers make online orders and I am responsible for shopping their order and delivering their groceries to their car when they come to pick up their order. My job requires me to always give the best customer service.

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Most Interesting Classes I've Taken at NCSU:

  1. Intro to Signals, Circuits and Systems
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Introduction to Computer Systems
  4. Introduction to Computing Environments
  5. Calculus III

Clubs That I am Involved In:

Club/Organization Website
Vietnamese Student Association VSA
Adventure Club Adventure