Welcome to my second website

Hello, my name is Ashton and I am a student at NCSU. Currently, I am in my freshman year about to go into my second semester. I'm interested in engineering, but I have not decided which department I would like to join. My list of choices is narrowed down to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial engineering. Mechanical engineering is my top choice because I believe I can fully utilize my skills in that department. It's seems interesting because I would like to work for in the automotive industry.

I have several hobbies, but my favorite is playing video games. The games I enjoy include Call of Duty Halo, and Portal. Call of Duty is a fighting game that simulates a war story. Halo is a science fiction game where the character has to fight. Portal is a puzzle game with each level more difficult than the last.

  1. Obtain two slices of bread and one slice of ham
  2. Place the ham on one of the slices of bread
  3. Add tomatoes, cheese, and mayo
  4. Place other slice of bread on the ham, tomatoes, cheese, and mayo
Class Grade
CH 101 B-
E115 S
MA 241 C+
E 101 A
CH 102 A
portal videogame