My name is AJ Rogerson and I am a first year engineering student at NC State.

Picture of AJ

Intended major, university, and anticipated graduation date.

I am an intended Biomedical Engineer and without a Co-op Program I should graduate in May of 2020. I have already started undergraduate research so if I could get an internship or Co-op I will be set in getting a job after college. This would mean pushing my graduation year back to 2021.

With this degree I intend to go to Medical School afterwards to become an Orthopeadic Surgeon. I have already had 2 surgeries because of sport injuries and I want to be able to help athletes get back on the field like my surgeons did. I want that face to face impact on my patients and to have that connection.

Some skills I have that can help me in this field would be as follows:

Class Course Semester
MA 242 Calculus III 1st Semester Freshman Year
ENG 101 English 101- Academic Writing and Research 1st Semester Freshman Year
CH 101 Chemistry- A Molecular Science 1st Semester Freshman Year
CH 221 Organic Chemistry 2nd Semester Freshman Year
PY 205 Physics 2nd Semester Freshman Year