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My name is Adam Schlobohm, I'm a sophomore at North Carolina State University. I am a biology major, with a human biology concentration. I plan to either try to get into medical/PA school or go into health information technology. I played football up until I graduated high school, but currently play hockey and snowboard recreationally.

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My ideal place to live is in Colorado. I love the mountains and cold weather. I hope to go to graduate school in Colorado, preferably at Colorado University at Denver. They offer both a medical school and health information technology programs. A big city in the mountains seems like the perfect fit for me.

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Favorite Movies:
  1. 300
  2. The Waterboy
  3. Billy Madison
  4. Art of Flight
  5. 50/50

More on my hobbies: click here

Jeff SkinnerArt of FlightSnowboard
Picture of Jeff Skinner, my favorite hockey player.Picture from one of my favorite movies Art of FlightPicture of a snowboard, a hobby of mine

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