My name is Andrew Squires. I am a Freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering. I chose Chemical Engineering because I love Chemistry. I understand it and I like learning about the processes of materials. So Chemical Engineering is the optimal choice for me in my opinion.

My favorite is swimming. I swam all of my life, and I actually used to teach other people how to swim. My favorite stroke is butterfly, the one Michael Phelps is mostly known for. It's fun to swim because I feel like I go fast and I just love it. My next favorite stroke is freestyle,then back stroke, then freestyle.

Doge Such Funny, Wow
  1. Get in Car
  2. Drive to Firehouse Subs
  3. Order the Firehouse Hero
  4. Get the Firehouse Hero
  5. ???
  6. Profit

  7. Class Expected Grade
    Organic Chemistry A
    E115 S
    E101 A
    Michael Phelps Butterfly