Welcome to my homework6 assignment

Hi, I am AJ Ward. I am a freshman in the Paper Science & Engineering program. I chose this major because of the opportunities it provides, and because of my interest in the course load. This program is very small, with 100% job placement. It requires a lot of chemistry and hands-on work.

My hobby is fantasy football. I like fantasy football because it is very competitive. This week however, I do not like fantasy football. My opponent started Tannehill who overperformed greatly, scoring about 28 points. My team was crushed, and I am still pretty bitter.

  1. Make crust
  2. Add sauce
  3. Add a lot of cheese
  4. Add a lot of pepperoni
  5. Add more pepperoni
  6. Cook and eat
Course Name Expected Grade
Engineering 115 Satisfactory
Chemistry 101 Satisfactory
Mathematics 141 B
I do not like Ryan Tannehill