Amanda White

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My major is Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology and a minor in Computer Science. I attend North Carolina State University, this is my second year I hope to graduate in May of 2019.

Why I Chose My Major

I chose to major in Business because I feel it will give me a lot of opportunities in the future regarding jobs after graduation. In high school I was in a technology academy so that is why I chose the IT concentration and computer science minor. I hope to managing a IT company in the future handing their business needs. My dream jobs would be working at SAS, Apple or Google.



Class Course Title Semester
EC 201 Microeconomics Spring 2016
MA 121 Calc 1 Spring 2016
EC 202 Macroeconomics Fall 2016
ACC 200 Accounting Summer 2017
CSC 116 Intro to Java Spring 2017