Welcome to this page about the mysterious Drew, I N D I V I D U A L.

And now, here is what he, the man himself, has to say.

Why hello there, visitor. Are you comfortable? I most certainly hope so. I am Drew Wock, a first year student at NC State. I intend on majoring in Computer Science so that I can upload your consciousness into the cloud and you can live forever. You're welcome, kid.

You see here comrade, this is a very special man here. Let's see what else he has to say.

I'm mostly kidding about the uploading your consciousness to the cloud, even if it would be totally sick to do that. In reality, my dream job is a bit unconventional regardlesss. I do intend on taking the brain and perhaps, idk, reverse engineering it or something? Sounds pretty L I T. Maybe I could make you immortal after all. haha. ha.

A picture of Drew Himself, wow!

My most interesting classes so far:

  1. E101 (only because of FEDD)
  2. PHI340
  3. CH101
  4. MA242

Organizations I am involved in:

Organization Website
Metcalf Hall Council Link
Engineering Village Link