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My name is Alex Barrett. I am a junior at NCSU and I major in Geology. I originally wanted to be an engineer but after I finished Physics 2 I realized I didn't actually want to be one any more. I was taking Geology as an elective that semester and found it really interesting so I decided that I would give that a shot and it has worked out so far. I enjoy my major because I get to work with numbers but I also have the luxury of being able to work outside in the field as well as inside in a lab so I can pick and choose where I want to be. I also like that it's a major that doesn't suck all the life out of me but it's challenging enough to keep me consistently thinking.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I enjoy all types of video games on all kinds of platforms. Playing video games allows me to distance my mind from anything else I was doing in the real world. I also have found friends online as well as people in real life that enjoy certain games with me so I don't play by myself unless I choose to. Playing video games also helps me keep my mind constantly focused on one thing otherwise I will find myself starting and stopping multiple things that never end up getting finished.

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  1. Start with any type of bread, pepper jack cheese, sliced ham, sliced turkey, and ranch
  2. Place two slices of bread down beside each other
  3. Place two pieces of the ham on each piece of bread
  4. Place two pieces of the turkey on top of the ham
  5. Place one piece of pepper jack cheese on one side
  6. Place one side of the sandwich onto the other
  7. Take off top piece of bread and add ranch then replace it
Class Grade
MEA 100 A
E 115 C+
CH 101 A+
ANT 253 B