Here is a little information about myself!

My name is Ali Davis, and I am a sophomore majoring in Zoology. I chose Zoology, because I would like to go to vet school. However, I am now not sure if I want to attend vet school and am considering changing my major to chemical engineering. I chose chemical engineering, partly because there have been some overlapping classes with classes I have already taken. From the research I have done, it also seems like chemical engineering offers a wide range of topics within that major.

I enjoy running. I was never a runner in high school, but have taken up distance running since I've gotten to college. I'm not very fast, but I have been able to build up my endurance. Running is fun, because I have been able to explore so many places around Raleigh. Running also gives me a chance to clear my mind after a stressful day or stressful week of schoolwork. It's on my bucket list to one day run a marathon!

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  1. First, place only a little sauce
  2. Then, LOTS OF CHEESE!!
  3. Next, toppings! (such as pepperoni, spinach, or mushrooms)
  4. Finally, baked in the oven with love.
Class Expected Grade
Organic Chemistry A
Calculus II A-(fingers crossed)
Genetics A
Running Girl