Welcome to my About Me page!

Hi, my name is Anna K Davis and I am a first year student at NC State University. I am planning on majoring in Computer Science because I really enjoy figuring things out and finding the minute details of how things work. I also took an AP Computer Science class my senior year of high school and really enjoyed it, leading me to want to pursue it further.

I have a job currently at eNeRGy Kidz, a gymnastics school for kids. I typically teach preschool children but have also taught kids up to 12 years of age. Currently, I only work one day a week in order to have enough time for schoolwork but I really enjoy it.

A picture of Anna

Most interesting classes I have taken at NC State:

  1. Principles of Sociology
  2. Computing Environments
  3. Elementary Spanish II
  4. Calculus III
Club/Organization Website
Women in Computer Science link
DanceLife link