A Website in the Life of a Confused Freshmen

My name is Akshatha Kiran and I'm a freshmen. I am currently interested in two things. I really like science and I'm starting to like math. But because I like both of them I can't really decide what I want to pursue. So I decided to try to do both. I'm going to try and get a degree in Engineering because I think I think it is cool and also try to get into Med school by taking all the prerequistes I need to apply. It's about to be a ton of work. But I think high school prepared me well for this so it shouldn't be too bad right?

I really enjoy making things. Over the summer I made some shorts and lots of little crafts here and there. I made all the pillows for my dorm bed and created decorations so I didn't get so homesick. It worked for the most part. I'm a terrible painter though--I paint like a five-year old. But I can draw anything you want me to except people. And I enjoy sewing (sowing?) and gardening. I kill most everything but it's still really fun trying to keep something alive. Don't worry, my dog is just fine. She loves food so I can never forget.

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  1. Slice bread in half
  2. Put gouda cheese on bread
  3. Slice two figs in half and place between the bread
  4. Put bread with all the stuff on a griddle and grill
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
HESF 230 Pass
Honors 202 A