Welcome to My E115 Homework

My name is Austin Kitts. I am a freshmen majoring in aerospace engineering. I want to be an aerospace engineer because what's cooler than rocket science? I also think that air and space transport is very important to future globalization and maintaining an efficent society. Plus I've always been pretty good at math and physics and I would like to do something that I'm good at.

My favorite hobby would have to be fishing. Lots of people think that sitting on a boat or dock for hours is mind-numbingly boring, but I think it actually really relaxing. It doesn't really matter what kind of fishing either. I like deep sea just as much as fishing of a pier or in the surf off the beach. I'm not nearly as good at it as the guys on TV or anything, but I can still out fish my pops every once in a while. My favorite fish that I caught was a baby reef shark that I caught in Myrtle Beach last September.

man Here's my Resume
  1. Put Asiago cheese on a bottem half of a roll
  2. Melt cheese by lightly toasting in skillet
  3. Add generous amount of turkey
  4. Add moderate amount of spinach and tomato
  5. Top with chipolte sauce and replace the top half of the roll
Course Grade
EC 205 A
MA 242 B
PY 205 A