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Hello, my name is Abbygail Kinlaw and I'm a first-year engineering student at NC State. My intended major is Environmental Engineering, and I chose to concentrate on the environment because it's something I'm truly passionate about. When I was considering various career options, I realized I really just wanted to be a superhero. However, I never developed any superpowers, so I chose the next best thing. I think saving the planet is the most noble and important cause out there, and becoming an Environmental Engineer seems to be the best way for me to make a positive impact on our planet.

As far as my future career goes, being an Environmental Engineer is obviously my overarching goal. Pollution, waste management, and water treatment may sound somewhat boring to some, but it's actually a very interesting process to me. I'd like to be an innovator and find ways to reduce our negative effects on the environment through simple, natural, and efficient methods. I feel it's important to realize that oftentimes less is more and I'd hope to demonstrate that by solving problems effectively through economically competitive means.

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  1. CH 101 - Chemistry
  2. BIO 183 - Intro to Biology
  3. CE 378 - Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology
  4. PS 320 - U.S. Env. Law and Politics
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