Andrew Lockerby's Resume


My Education

I am currently studying to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering at NC State University. I plan to graduate in December of 2018.

My Career Goals

After graduating college, I would like to work for a local power company. Later on I would like to start my own engineering firm. I believe that I will be able to help people in many ways such as discovering more efficient ways to store and transmit electricy to peoples houses or other places across the world.

Skills and Qualities

Relevent Courses

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 109 Intro to Computer Systems Fall 2016
ECE 200 Intro to Signals, Circuits, and Systems Fall 2016
ECE 209 Computer Systems Programming Spring 2017
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Spring 2017
ECE 212 Fundamentals of Logic Design Spring 2017