Welcome to my About Me page!

A picture of Drew

Hello! My name is Andrew Smith, but you can call me Drew. I am currently a freshman at NC State University in the Engineering department. My major is currently undeclared but I hope to CODA into the Electrical Engineering Department next semester. Electrical engineering seems very interesting to me, and it is a constantly growing field due to our dependence on electricity.

My dream job is a job as an electrical engineer with the Fayetteville Public Works Commission (PWC). I was born and raised in Fayetteville, NC. Most of my family still lives there where they are a huge part of the community, especially around Cape Fear High School. My dream is to move back home to Fayetteville and continue to be a part of that community.

My Favorite Classes:

  1. PY 205 (Physics I)
  2. MA 242 (Calculus III)
  3. EC 205 (Fundamentals of Economics)
  4. MUS 134 (Wind Ensemble)
Club Website
Cru cruncsu.org
Engineers Without Borders ewbncsu.org