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My name is Aidan Special. I am a freshmen currenly in FYC. I chose the FYC program because it would allow me to look into all the majors without having to pledge myself to only one. I am interested in Engineering but I don't fully know the path I want to take. Probably something within computer engineering since I want to be involved in robotics as a final career.

My favorite hobby is making money. Money is pretty great. You can buy all sorts of things with it. from good to services, everybody takes money for anything. I want to buy an island one day. Preferably volcanic in nature.

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  1. put down one slice of handmade rye bread
  2. add two pieces of mayo
  3. add twelve pieces of ketchup
  4. add a bakers dozen of banana rounds
  5. put another slice of cranberry bread
  6. Class name projected class grade
    COM112 A
    EC201 A
    MA141 A
    money is chill