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My name is, Alex Theodorakis and I am a Freshman at N.C. State. I intend to major in Civil Engineering because I enjoy being involved in construction proceses. I worked for a construction company in HIgh School and enjoyed being on the job sites. My boss was a civil engineer and I saw how his background in engineering benefited him during the design stages of building a house. I'm hoping to find an internship with an engineer, so that I can learn more about the technicalities that go along with engineering buildings.

My favorite school break, would be my senior trip during my final spring break in High school. I went to a small private school and had only twenty people in my graduating class. The majority of us decided that we wanted to go on a cruise for our senior trip and fundraised enough money to make it happen. It was a six day cruise, that stopped in Key west and two stops in the Bahamas. We had a lot of fun, and made memories that we'll never forget.

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    Find The Pizza Place's Phone Number

  1. Call The Pizza Place
  2. Tell Them What Pizza You Want
  3. Wait Twenty Minutes
  4. Drive To The Pizza Place
  5. Give Them Your Money
  6. Take Pizza Home
  7. Enjoy Delicious Pizza

    1. Class Grade
      E115 Pass
      Calculus II C-
      HI 209 B-

      cuise ship