Hello, Welcome

My name is Alex Tunnell. I just transfered from a community college. I am in the nuclear engineering program at NC State University. I chose nuclear because I thought that the feild was interesting. I particuarly like the idea of fusion energy.

My favorite hobby would be playing the Play Station with my brothers and sisters. My sister likes to play dead ops arcade. It is a zombie game that is within the Black ops game. Unfortunatly we have not played in quite some time. My course load has put an end to fun.

you tube

Here is a link to my resume.


Here is a list on how to order a pizza.

  1. Look up Pappa Johns on the internet.
  2. Click on the option to make the pizza.
  3. Instruct them on how to make the pizza.
  4. Pay for the pizza
Class Expected grade
E115 S
NE201 A
NE235 A
CSC112 C
MAE208 C
Zombie game