Welcome to a collection of tidbits required by class

Hello my name is Ankusha Kumar! Through musings of my freshman fall
I determined my interest in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Much of my
decision was inspired by my dad's career and subtle push towards engineering.
The workshops and wanderings of fall led me to learn my distaste for physics
and apathy for chemistry so I chose something with classes I liked, math!
Also I am a freshman which makes small experiences like these leave big impacts
on my undergraduate career decisions. Hopefully it'll work out for the best!

Throughout my childhood, I was always competitively swimming so the question of
favourite hobbies would come around and I would have an automatic answer, though
it was far from my favourite towards the end. I quit in college and haven't picked
up anything that time intensive or anything I consider a hobby. I suppose I cook
quite often and catch up on sleep in my free time. I also try to go to the gym
regularly so it would be the most hobby-like. I enjoy staying in shape but it
rivals sleep very competitively.

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