Cars: Amazing feats of Engineering

My name is Atilla Kurt and I am a freshman in Enginnering, with a Mechanical Engineering intent. The reason I chose this major is because of my passion for cars. I find them to be fascinating feats of engineering especially the high-performance engines. Because of this, I aspire to become an engine designer. The capacity to produce power that modern high-performance engines have is what I find most fascinating. I would like nothing more than to be able to design and create engines that are capable of great things and give others joy.

My favorite hobby goes hand-in-hand with what I hope to do for a living: learning about cars. I personally prefer hands-on learning about cars, but since I do not have my car anymore, I have resorted to research to further my knowledge on this topic. Something that has sparked quite the interest for me is forced induction. Forced induction is the process of forcing denser air into the combustion chamber in order to create a more violent combustion, which in turn creates more power. Turbochargers, superchagers, and nitrous are all examples of forced induction, however turbochargers interest me the most.

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  1. Look up thin crust recipe.
  2. Roll dough into a circle.
  3. Add mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni.
  4. Insert pizza into oven.

Class Expected Grade
FLG 320 A+
CH 101 A
MA 141 A

This is a turbocharger.