>> Mar 24, 2003 >>

I swear, if there are any plots against Bill Gates, I wanna piece.

I've been fighting with Javascript all day, right? Then I find out, "Hey, IE6 doesn't like javascript. Oh, you gotta get this plug-in POS from us, only we're gonna hide it all ninja like. Have fun circling through our support area for 3 hours while you should be doing a research report on the working situation in southern America."

This shit works in every version of Netscape back to 3.whateverthefuck, and it supposedly works with Internet Explorer 5.5. Somebody want to tell me, then, why, in the name of progress, did Microsoft decide to LOSE a feature so CRUCIAL to website browsing in the modern era.

"Eh, they don't need javascript. Nobody uses that stuff anyway."

Making a browser that doesn't recognize the blink tag I can understand, even appreciate. That's progress. Taking out javascript compatability? No, this is not progress, it's the biggest step back since the invention of the snap bracelet. "Woo, kids! Let's bludgeon our fragile vein structure and assault our arteries with a thin piece of sharp metal wrapped in second-rate fabric that won't last a week!" Yeah. That should reduce the population.

So you can guess I'm pissed. I searched over seven websites and a book that would kill any coffee table to find out what was wrong with my code, because I was under the distinct impression that widely distributed freeware used by millions and billions would be complete, especially at this stage of computer and internet technology. After five hours of this shit, I finally hear from my roommate that, no, IE6 is just a bitch.

So after being restrained before I could make my computer fly (briefly), I decided to leave the archives with the new coding and just hope that either the Microbitches would release better software in the future or that most of my viewers were the smart type and either don't use or didn't upgrade to IE6. That's my hope.

I figure the archives aren't that great, so nobody's missing much. Plus Gates ought to figure out what an ass he's being and release software that can actually deal with javascript like, say, a normal browser.

So that's the skinny for now. I'm done working on this shit, I've got a paper to write. Yay for the state of southern business.

- blue