Welcome to the wonderfull world of Andrew

I am Andrew Gray and I am a freshman this year. I am hoping to become an electrical engineer when I coda next semester. I decided to become an electrical engineer because of a whim. I do not know much about circuits and the like, but I am curious to learn. That is why I decided to become and electrical engineer.

My personal favourite hobby is watching anime. While this may not seem like a productive hobby to some people, it is actually very beneficial for me. Not only does it give me something to do with my free time, it is also something that I can use to relax. It also is healthier than drinking and easier than making friends or talking to people. That is why I love watching anime.
otaku streamers
Runescape is the best game ever

How to make a steak sandwich

  1. take out bread
  2. take out perfectly grilled steak
  3. put steak on bread
  4. enjoy :)

My favourite Pokemon team

Class Grade
Calc 3 B
E115 S
E101 A
this is an awsome pic