Andrew Haskins's Resume



Currently I am attending North Carolina State University, in Raleigh, North Carolina. My intended major is electrical engineering with potentailly a double major in computer engineering. My expected graduation date is the spring of 2020.


I chose electrical engineering because after taking a basic physics course in high school. We did a very brief topic on electricity and used a Van der Graaf which I really enjoyed, and helped me decide on electrical. With my degree I plan to go to graduate school for a higher degree and after that find a place to work.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 109 Introduction to Computer Systems Spring 2017
ECE 200 Introduction to Signals, Circuits, and Systems Spring 2017
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Fall 2017
ECE 302 Microelectronics Spring 2018
ECE 303 Electromagnetic Fields Fall 2018