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My Name is Alex May. I am double majoring in Paper Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. Originally, I applied for Chemical Engineering, and I was very excited when I was accepted. When I received my acceptance letter, I also received an email from the people in the college of natural resources, saying that if I double majored in paper science and engineering, there was a large chance that I would receive a scholarship. They also said that there is a one hundred percent job placement rate among graduating seniors, and that paper engineers make among the top average starting salaries of all the engineering disciplines. Finally, they told me that the professors honestly care about the success of the students, and that there was lots of one-on-one interaction between the students and faculty. Altogether, these factors led me to choose Paper Science and Engineering with a double major in Chemical Engineering.

My Favorite break from school is definitely spring break for three reasons. First, Summer is pretty hot and winter is pretty cold. Spring is great weather for my second reason: fishing. Spring is spawning season for largemouth bass, which means that they are biting, and in particular, big ones are biting. Finally, I love spring break because summer break requires work, and winter break is pretty stressful too. Spring break (for me) is the perfect amount of time off in the perfect season of the year.

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    How to Order Pizza

  1. First, decide that you want pizza, where you want it from, what kind you want, and how much you want
  2. Next, pick up the phone and call the place by dialling the number you found on the internet
  3. Place your order by talking to the person who answers the phone, unless you dialled a wrong number, in which case, hang up and dial the correct number
  4. Wait patiently for your pizza to arrive, but when it does, give the delivery man a tip
  5. Enjoy your pizza
My Classes Exected Grade
CH 101 94 (A)
E 101 97 (A)
E 115 S
If I were not an engineer, I would fish for NC State Picture.