Welcome to Alex's site

My name is Alejandro but most people just call me Alex. I am intending to graduate in 2019 with a dual degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The main reason I chose this degree is because I have had a deep interest in the interrelated phenomena of electricity and magnetism. Another reason for choosing this path is that it will give me options for a variety of jobs relating to electricity as well as give me the knowledge I need to let me move up at my current workplace if I choose to do so.

I am currently working as a CNC Set-Up Machinist at Edelbrock, an aftermarket car parts manufacturer. Edelbrock produces high performance products like fuel intake systems, super chargers, and cylinder heads, to name just a few. Edelbrock, however, is most famous for their legendary carburators, which coincidentally is the product we produce and specialize in at the plant that I work at in Sanford, NC. My job at Edelbrock is in the Machining department where I am in charge of adjusting and correcting programs and tools (drill bits, inserts, etc) in large CNC machines as well as older, mechanical machines to ensure that the parts we are producing meet specifications and pass several quality requirements.


Interesting classes at NC State

  1. ECE 200 - Intro to Signals, Circuits and Systems
  2. ECE 109 - Intro to Computer Systems
  3. ECE 303 - Electromagnetic Fields
  4. ECE 456 - Mechatronics

Organizations at NC State

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