Welcome to my website!

My name is Ariadne Palma, I am new transfer student. I am in my junior year to obtain my civil engineering bachelor's degree.
I chose to study civil engineering because I like to gain the ability to transform math into something tangible, like the structure
of a building, or an interstate. It is something I find exciting

However, not everything I do is study, I also love reading for fun. I read all sorts of genres, whatever fits my mood at the time.
That's why I have a kindle, that allows me to carry my books everywhere. There's nothing that a cup of coffee and a good book cannot solve. Unfortunately, I have a hard time trying to balance school, work and my hobbies in a tigth schedule.

I love amazon and go there all the time to find new books.
kindle ereader and books
One of my favorite author's is Colleen Hoover. I think I could never write like her.
Once, in an english class, I wrote an
essay about how I decided that I wanted to become a civil engineer.

A good recipe to have is, how to make a good capuccino:

  1. Place milk in a 1-cup microwave-safe measuring cup. Microwave, uncovered, on high for 1 minute or until milk is hot and small bubbles form around edge of cup.
  2. Place a metal whisk in cup; whisk vigorously by holding whisk handle loosely between palms and quickly rubbing hands back and forth. Remove foam to a small
    measuring cup as it forms. Continue whisking until foam measures 1/3 cup; set aside.
  3. Pour Espresso mix,1/3 cup, into a mug; pour in remaining hot milk. Spoon foam over top and serve immediately.
  4. Yield: 1 serving. And enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
CE 426 B+
MSE 200 B
MA 242 B

Some books by my favorite author