Welcome to Austin Perry's E115 Homework Page

My Name is Austin Perry, and I am a Freshman with intent to go into the Mechanical Engineering Program. I chose Mechanical because I enjoy figuring out how thigs work. I also enjoy designing, building, and testing things. My goal is to eventually get into the Automotive industry and design cars, trucks, or heavy equiptment. I think that Mechanical is a great fit for my goal of getting into the Automotive industry.

My favorite hobby is essentially anything that has to do with cars. I love to go to car shows to see rare and expensive cars, as well as talk to the owners about them. I also enjoy researching and reading about all of the new and upcoming models. I also spend Monday nights and most of my Saturdays working in the Wolfpack Motorsports shop working on building our formula car for the 2015 Michigan SAE competition. My hobby for cars has definitely helped me choose my major as well as my career path.

DodgeViper Carbuzz Website
  1. Place 2 slices of White Bread on a plate
  2. Place 3 slices of ham on the bread
  3. Place 3 slices of turkey on the bread
  4. Place a slice of lettuce on top of the meat
  5. Add Salt and Pepper
  6. Add Mayonaise to the top piece of bread
  7. Place the bread with mayonaise on top of the sandwich
Class Expected Grade
MA 141 B+
ES 200 A-
ARE 201 B+
E101 A
E115 Pass
ENG 101 A