Welcome to my page!

My name is Alec Pursell, and I am currently studying Aerospace Engineering. I recently transferred to NC State from Johnston Community College, so I am technically a Junior. I chose Aerospace Engineering because I have always been interersted in flying vehicles. I would also consider myself to be quite proficient in math and science as well, so that's a plus. Aerospace Engineering is the only thing I was even remotely interested in before coming to State.

I don't have a job currently, but am planning on getting one soon. My dream job is to be an astronaut. Now of course, that would be highly unlikely, so for a more practical job, it would have to be a pilot. This is part of the reason I am in Aerospace engineering. My current plan is to do engineering for a certain amount of years, and then be a dedicated full-time pilot the rest.

A Photo of Alec

The Four Most Interesting Classes at NC State:

  1. Dynamics
  2. Aerodynamics
  3. Fluid Mechanics
  4. Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation

Clubs I am in:

Club Name Link
Aerial Robotics Club Click Here
AIAA Click Here