A Day in the Life of Anna-Elizabeth Rinderer

Hello, my name is Anna-Elizabeth Rinderer. I am a freshamn at NC State University. I am an intended Biomedical engineer. I chose this major because it combined subjects that I was fasinated with such as anatomy. It also combines subjects that I was good at such as math.

One of my favorite hobbies is swimming. I enjoy swimming because it provides me a managable way to excersize and not hurt my body or joints. I just recently joined the club swim team at State. Another reason I like swimming is because it is a team sport and I get the opportunity to make friends that enjoy some of the same activities as I do! I think everyone has something to gain from this great sport.

This is Anna's Resume
How to make my favorite pizza
  1. Make the dough thin
  2. add cheese
  3. add ham
  4. add pineapple

Classes and Grades

Class Grade
CH 101 A
MA 141 A

michael phelps swims too