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Hello esteemed friends, family, and fans, and welcome to my webpage. My name is Anna Louise Schraufnagel and I am a freshman studying Engineering at the best institution in the United States of America - NC State University (GO PACK!!!!). I'm going to level with you - the way that I chose Engineering is that when I had to apply for a major here at State, I just chose the hardest one to get into thinking that if I hate it, I can transfer out, whereas it would be more difficult to transfer in. However, in the almost year since that decision, I have grown more and more excited about my future as an Engineering student here at State, and someday, an Engineer. When I was a kid, my parents didn't want to spend a lot of money on fancy building blocks and such, so they just bought a bunch of PVC pipe and connectors, and sawed it into smaller pieces. I spent hours upon hours building "water filter systems" and "bug passageways" and "marble death highways" - normal ten year old stuff. I'm sure that same little kid with a huge crooked smile and permanently disheveled hair is pretty dang proud of where I am and what I am studying today.

Among some of my more eclectic hobbies and talents, my favorite would have to be the most normal one of all - playing soccer. I started playing when I was four, and probably before that (knowing my dad). I have never been too good at things that involve hand-eye coordination, so the sport was practically made for me! I was on many different teams during my career including YMCA, challenge, travel, and school. My favorite part of soccer is my position, defense. I like that I do not have to be too great at dribbling and fancy ball skills, but I basically just put the smackdown to whoever tries to get close to my goal.

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EC 201 B

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