I am Ashby Scruggs and I am a Freshman in the first year engineering program. In the spring I hope to CODA into Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. I still have to choose between these two majors while also applying to get into the program. I chose these two because I like physics and mechanics. I like to be able to see processes without the aid of a microscope like in Biomedical or Chemical Engineering.

Running would be my favorite hobby. I've run for four years on my high school cross country team. I plan to continue running with the club running team here at NC State. Racing is my favorite part of running. I enjoy the competition and team atmosphere that comes along with running.

cutecat Check out my resume here!
  1. Go to the grocery store
  2. Find the frozen pizza isle
  3. Buy some DiGiorno's pizza, preferably cheese
  4. Go home and cook it in the oven
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 95
HI 216 93
HON 202 92