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Here's a little bit about the company:

The Southeastern Cattle Company is located in Wake Forest, North Carolin and was established in 2016.  The company was started to fulfill a whole in the beef cattle market.  We noticed that there was a lack of hands on techniques and processes to buying organic beef.  What makes this company so special is that we let the customer choose the specific cow that they would like to buy based on its characteristics.  We have designed a specialized app that can help the customer find and choose the right kind of beef for their specific uses.  We do this by analyzing the fat content and the food intake of the different types of cows.  This leaves each cow with a unique taste that varies from cow to cow. 

Our Mission:

Our mission here are Southeastern Cattle Company is to provide the customer with a unique experience that is unrivaled by anybody else.  We pride ourselves in quality customer service which entitles giving the customer the best experience with our company that we can.  Also, we would like to maintain our company with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  This would make us more successful relating to growth of the company.  Growth and expansion in our industry would be a large goal that the Southeastern Cattle Company.  Another goal of our company is to be respectable and open minded to new changes within the company. 

Southeastern Cattle Company

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