Welcome to my Webpage

My name is Aaron Stroud. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University in the First Year Engineering program. Next year, I hope to matriculate into the Civil Engineering department. I would like to be a Civil Engineer because I have always had an interset in big structures like buildings and bridges and how they stay up. My next two choices are mechanical and industrial engineering.

My favorite break from school is winter break. Winter break is my favorite break because it is very long. I also get to see a lot of my family over the break. Usually I visit family elsewhere so I get to travel a little bit too. There is also a chance of snow over winter break which is always nice.

This year I've enjoyed March Madness. In the past I didn't follow the games very much. I also didn't like everybody talking about basketball. But this year I watched more of the games and there have been a lot of exciting upsets. Some guy snapped his leg in half in one of the games, it was hard to watch but made the game more exciting.



Making a Sandwich:

  1. Grab some bread
  2. Grab some meat
  3. Grab some cheese
  4. Grab some lettuce
  5. Put it all together
  6. Eat

My Classes and Grades

Class Grade
ENG 101 A
CSC 112 A
PY 205 B+