Welcome to my Homework Assignment!

My name is Ashley Tate and I am a freshman. I am majoring in Chemical Engineering! I chose to major in chemical engineering because I love chemistry and the thought process of an engineer. If chemical engineering does not work out I am planning to become a biomedical, biological, or environmental engineer. Having a lot of choices is very comforting.

My favorite hobby is to rock climb. I first chose to try rock climbing to get over my fear of heights; seven years later, I am still afraid of heights. While I climb, I focus on the point I'm at in order to forget how high I am. So far this has proved succesful in keeping me from freaking out on the wall.

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How to Order a Pizza

  1. Go to Pizza Hut
  2. Look at the menu
  3. Choose a size
  4. Choose your toppings
  5. Tell the cashier
  6. Pay

Course Name Expected Grade
E115 S
MA 141 A
CH 101 A

rock climber