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Hi! My name is Allison Tice, I am a Freshman at NCSU; I plan to major in Civil Engineering focusing on structures and here is why!! From an early age I knew I was interested in designing buildings and houses and I would be interested in this as a career. From the time I was very young all the way up to two years ago I always wanted to be an architect, but after an internship in an architecture firm I realized, while still interested in design, I really did not like the field of architecture. After my experience I attributed my disinterest in architecture to the lack of technicality in the field. After realizing that while I would like a career involving design, architecture was not technical enough for my interest. I then began to look into civil engineering with a focus in structural engineering. This major seems to offer the best career path for my tastes and strengths. I could work in an architecture firm as a civil engineer and focus more on the technical side of bringing a design to life and making the sketches a reality with precise calculations. With this major I would be able to fulfill my want of designing buildings and structures while also using my math and physics interests and skills.
One of my favorite hobbies is hiking and I would even extend that into camping. When I was younger my family and I would always travel to the mountains of North Carolina to either camp or hike trails to see water falls, so I grew up loving the outdoors and especially the mountains. As I have grown older I have grown to love all of these things even more, and am lucky enough to have been apart of some amazing experiences in the mountains, hiking, and camping. My Junior year of high school my grade all partook in a trip called the "Junior Backpacking Trip," which is exactly what it sounds like. We were split in to random groups of about twelve students and two faculty members or parents. With these groups we all went separate ways and hiked, slept, and lived in the Pisgah National Forest for five days and nights. I loved this experience and ever since then my desire to hike and be in the mountains has increased. I love spending time in the fresh air, seeing beautiful things, and getting a good workout from backpacking and hiking!

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My Resume!!

  1. Buy wood fired pizza oven
  2. Turn on wood fired pizza oven
  3. Get a pizza crust
  4. Cover crust in olive oil
  5. Smother in mozzarella cheese
  6. Place store bought or home roasted rotisserie chicken pieces on cheese
  7. Crumbled feta cheese on pizza
  8. Cook pizza until crust is golden brown and cheese is bubbling
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 A-
EC 201 A
MA 141 A