Hello, My name is Andrew, and this is my website. I am a first year engineering student with a computer science intent. I also hope to get a minor or a second major in math. I chose these two subjects to be the focus of my time in college becasuse I really enjoyed them in high school and I think that they would provide an interesting and marketable skillset for employers to hire me.

My favorite hobby is rock climbing. I like it because it gets me outside and doing active things. Many think of it as a dangerous activity, but if you know what you are doing, it is no more dangerous than driving a car or riding a bike.

I have both a cat and a dog, and I deffinitely like dogs more than cats. Whenever I come home, my dog is always excited to see me while my cat just sits there and yells at me to feed him. I also feel like my cat is always plotting to kill me.

Click the image below to open my favorite website to learn about climbing and to keep up on climbing news.
/r/Climbing Click here to see the best paper I've ever written.

How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Get a piece of bread
  2. Cover the bread in peanut butter
  3. Add some jelly to the peanut butter
  4. Add another piece of bread
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
Calculus 2 A
Sociology A

Like I said, my favoirte hobby is climbing.