About Asolaide

My name is Asolaide Akinkuotu and I am currently a textile technology major. I chose my major because I had an intrest in textile and how they could be used for aerospace applications or biomedical applications. Now I see that I am not really interested in textiles and planning to change my major to business administration. When I change my major I plan to have a concentration in finance. After undergrad, I hope to gain a masters degree in business health administration.

One of my favorite hobbies is doing other people's hair and make up. I enjoy, doing make up because it is a form of art but for the face. Also, many women feel beautiful and pampered when they have their hair and makeup done. Also, as black female, applying make up can be a challenge especially when finding foundations and colors that fit my skin tone.

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class grade
MA 241 B
E115 P
ANT 252 A