E115: Homework 5

My name is Alexandre Mangot. My major is Civil Engineering and I am a Junior. I chose Civil Engineering because I like constructions. Also, being on the field and see a project progress is nice. Finally, trying to solve problems everyday is interesting.

My favorite break is the summer break. It is the longer one and the temperatures are high. Also, as an international student a lot of my friends don't have the same break dates along the year than me, except for the summer break. So I have the chance to spend time with them during the summer. Finally, summer break means, for me, to go back to France, which I am pretty excited about.

I like March Madness. However, as it is my first March Madness experience, I am not use to it. Last week-end, I watch some games with some friends. I like the fact that it is a college tournament. Finally, Basketball is a game a like and being in a State University makes me more involve into college tournaments.

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