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Hello, my name is Asif Asad. I am a sophomore at North Carolina State University and my major is Biochemistry. I have submitted a CODA to change my degree from a BS in Biochemistry to a BS in Chemical Engineering with my second and third choices in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The reason for me switching major is because I did not like biology. This led me to look for subjects which interested me and so I picked chemical engineering since I enjoy math and chemistry, while I choose Electrical and Computer Engineering because of my interest in computers and circuits.

One of my favorite pass times includes cycling. I enjoy taking long bike rides on both mountain trail and normal trails. I started cycling with my father as way for us the spend time together. Currently, I use cycling as a method to spend time with my father and a source of exercise. Some of my favorite trail include Harris lake and the American Tobacco Trail.

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How to make Asif's favorite sandwich!

  1. Take two slices of white bread and place them in a toaster till the bread turn golden
  2. Place cheese one side and spread mayo and mustard on the other side
  3. Cut tomatoes, lettuce ,and onions and add them to the sandwich
  4. Add hot sauce as preferred, roast beef, and pastrami and then serve!

Class Expected Grade
CHE 205 E 115 MA 242 EC 205 CH 221 CH 225