Welcome to the best page on the internet!

My name is Amy Bandy and I am a freshman in biomedical engineering. I chose biomedical engineering because I want to work in the medical field. Instead of working to improve individual lives as a doctor, I want to improve lives by creating life saving devices that could help millions. I also decided to do engineering because I have always loved math and science and discovered in high school that I am good in mechanics. I know that biomedical engineering is the perfect fit for me!

My favorite hobby is swimming! When I'm in the pool, it's like nothing else matters. I don't have to think about my next big test or what homework I have to finish. I can scream, cry, or laugh, and no one can hear me. I also love the feeling of exhaust when I get out of the pool after a long workout. It makes me feel accomplished, like I can do anything. Swimming is such a great stress reliever and I love doing it whenever I can.

My favorite website on the internet is Netflix because I love movies! Want to see it? Click the picture below!

You should totally (not) check out my resume here.


Want to see how I make pizza? Of course you do.

  1. Get Pillsbury pizza crust and lay it out on a pizza pan.
  2. Take your favorite pizza sauce and spread it all over the dough but leave an inch around the perimeter for the crust!
  3. Cover it with mozzerella cheese. LOTS of cheese.
  4. Put on all of the delicious topings you want.
  5. Bake it in the oven until the crust is golden brown.
  6. ENJOY!!!!!!

    Class Expected Grade
    Calculus A-
    Chemistry A-
    Economics A+

    So, remember how I told you I love to swim? Well, check out this amazing bed spread I want :D